RBM 101: Practicing Results-Based Management: Sneak Peek Video


RBM 101: An Introductory Course – Exclusive Intergalactic Interview


Engaging people virtually on your global issue: Strategy and Narratives

In collaboration with Elena Mejía Julca, this presentation was given as part of the training of the 2020 Youth Champion Leader program. The objective was to share general principles and concrete experiences around advocacy and youth engagement on global issues.


Making Data Collection Meaningful – MEL Design​ Worksheet

In collaboration with Salanga, this worksheet helps to guide decisions around what are the key data sources, what methods are the most efficient / suitable to capture data from these sources, and what approach we should consider in the next stage of proposal development.


Making Data Collection Meaningful – Module: Video

Module 1: Planning for Data Collection​ of the National Training goes over the planning stages within a project cycle for data collection


Spur Change Introduction Webinar Video

This webinar took place on August 20th, 2019 and was presented by Sara Michel, former Spur change Global Citizenship Coordinator and Leah Ettarh, Executive Director – ACGC. It introduces the program objectives and deliverables.