I’m a Global Citizen

This new Share&Learn session is dedicated to primary and secondary teachers interested in Global Citizenship Education (GCE) for the beginning of the school year 2023-2024.

🗺️ What: In this session, Marie-Catherine Thouin presents tools developed by Spur Change to use in the classroom, strategies to use them, as well as the reference document from Oxfam on which they are based.

  • I’m a Global Citizen poster: The poster, available in two formats depending on the age range you teach, provide questions to invite students to reflect on how they are global citizens in different spaces. Be it as a person, with friends, at home, in their communities, there are ways to be a global citizen in all! The purpose is to provide a reference tool for educators to point to in their classrooms as they foster their students’ growth as global citizens in every day lessons.
  • Educator GCE Checklist: The checklist is a tool for educators so they can reflect on their own strengths and challenges as global citizens in and outside the classroom. How are you incorporating global perspectives into your lesson plans? Is there an opportunity to be more inclusive? How might a certain lesson plan be adapted to better promote growth in students? The checklist has been designed as a reflective tool.

🍎 Who: This session, facilitated by Marie-Catherine Thouin, the Global Citizenship Education Lead at Spur Change. Marie-Catherine, an educator of training, values quality education as a way to bring communities together to positively impact the world, help youth, women, marginalized groups, and people in general, become more aware of their rights, be more inclined to claim them and become more confident in their leadership abilities.

The creation was based on Oxfam’s Global Citizenship Education Guide. The guide invites schools to reflect on their own practices and we encourage you to check it out in addition to the tools above.

Video presentation

Here you will find the video on the tools, presented on October 12th, 2023.

I'm a Global Citizen

Included, you will find the “I’m a Global Citizen” posters for both primary and secondary school levels as well as a checklist for educators to use in their classes: