Unit 2 | Part B: Strong Relations with Your Donors

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Part B Introduction

Change the Game Academy

To get yourself situated, head over to Change the Game Academy (CtGA) and complete Module 8: Strong relations with your donors. This module teaches you how to stimulate existing donors to increase their contribution or to donate more frequently. The set of tools and techniques used to achieve this is called donor relations management.

Note: Keep this page open and come back to go over the Canadian content. If you haven’t already made an account on Change the Game Academy, you will also be prompted to make one to access this module for free.

Canadian Content

Below (after the Next Steps section), find the Canadian content learning material for this unit, that builds off of the Change the Game Academy module you just completed. These materials aim to frame what you just learned within the Canadian context. 

After going through the content below, congrats! You have completed Unit 2: Build Relations of the Building Equity training series.

Next Steps

The learning doesn’t stop here! Return to the Building Equity course overview page to see the other units in this series.


There are four videos to watch in this section with the transcriptions and PDF slides below each:

  1. Community Centric Fundraising introduces this fundraising model. You’ll learn a bit on the philosophy behind the approach and key themes.
  2. Discussing Community Centric Fundraising with Maria Rio expands on the concept and touches on applicability of this fundraising concept.
  3. Building a Donor Relationship Management Strategy maps out the steps to creating a robust, effective donor management system for your organization.
  4. Optimizing Donor Relationship Management Software outlines a useful tool for any organization handling donor relationships, namely, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.


Having gone through the Change the Game Academy material and watched the videos providing the Canadian context, work through the exercises outlined in the workbook.

This workbook asks you to research different CRM systems and consider which could be a good fit for your organization.

Is this a tool that will be helpful for your specific situation? What other areas of your current management system can be adapted and optimized?