2024 SMO Report

This year’s report celebrates and acknowledges the remarkable contributions and impact of Canadian SMOs and their local partners, supported through Global Affairs Canada’s (GAC’s) pilot initiative targeting SMOs for impact and innovation. The report focuses mainly on SMOs supported by the Spur Change program, an initiative of the Inter-Council Network (ICN) aiming to increase the effectiveness of Canadian small and medium-sized organizations.

This report aims to highlight the valuable contributions that Canadian international SMOs have in the sector, how SMOs have been accessing capacity-building and knowledge sharing support, and demonstrate the value in supporting SMOs. Eight organizations were interviewed as part of this report:

This year’s SMO Report was released on March 26, 2024. A webinar launch going with the report writer and interviewees was held on March 26, 2024 12 pm ET (9 am PT). Find the recording below.

The webinar speakers

Andréanne Martel (Chair) | Director of Spur Change

Patricia Peña | Assistant Deputy Minister of International Development Partnerships and Operations at Global Affairs Canada

Shanice Tadeo | Lead writer

André Melrose | Report Coordinator from Spur Change

Shaka Ceesay | Panelist

Director of the Foundation for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue Initiatives (FIIDI), Shaka will discuss the growth of his young organisation that started in 2019 and recently became involved with the ICN in 2023, leading to his position of secretary on the board of governors for ACGC.

Bruce Peth and Carlos Vijil | Panelists

Bruce, President of World Neighbours Canada (WNC), along with Carlos Vijil from Vecinos Honduras, will share the unique experiences that WNC has faced as a smaller organisation in the vast landscape of Canadian international development and how they managed a growth of over 10 times their annual funding, thanks to FIT.

Wendy Fehr and Suma Abdulai | Panelists

Wendy is the Executive director for CAUSE Canada and is joined by Abdulai, CAUSE’s program manager in Sierra Leone, and together will explain the impact of Spur Change trainings in their organisational development and the achieved opportunities and successes as a result.

The Report

Find the full report to the right.

Webinar Presentation

This webinar took place on March 26, 2024

This webinar focused specifically on the achievements realised by 3 of these organisations: FIIDI, World Neighbours Canada, and CAUSE Canada. These organisations present their different experiences with Spur and FIT as well as the project, collaborations, organisational and personal growth that they have achieved as a result. Highlights from the report, primarily written by Shanice Tadeo, a previous Spur Change project officer, are presented, then SMOs representatives elaborate on their cases.