Learn & Teach: Climate Change

As part of Change for Children (CFC) preparing a group of Alberta-based teachers to go to Nicaragua to teach in partnership with the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), the organizations held a Spur Sparks event to  better equip teachers for a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and understanding what to expect as international visitors. Through online engagement with local educators in the Bosawas region of Nicaragua during the event, good practices and learnings for integrating Indigenous Knowledge into climate change education in the classroom were also shared. During this event, teachers began the process of creating lesson plans focused on climate change and forest conservation. 

These lesson plans aim to educate and engage students from grades 1 to 6 on the important topics of climate change and forest conservation. The lesson plans offer a range of interactive activities that foster meaningful classroom discussions and reflection through art. Originally created for communities in Canada and Bosawas, Nicaragua, these resources can be easily adapted to suit any educational setting.