Unit 1 | Part B: Fundraising Team and Techniques

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Part B Introduction

Change the Game Academy

To get yourself situated, head over to Change the Game Academy (CtGA) and complete Module 2: Fundraising Techniques. This module expands on the definition of fundraising, and reviews a few key fundraising techniques.

Note: Keep this page open and come back to go over the Canadian content. If you haven’t already made an account on Change the Game Academy, you will also be prompted to make one to access this module for free.

Canadian Content

Below (after the Next Steps section), find the Canadian content learning material for this unit, that builds off of the Change the Game Academy module you just completed. These materials aim to frame what you just learned within the Canadian context. 

After going through the content below, congrats! You have completed Unit 1: Discover Foundations of the Building Equity training series.

Next Steps

The learning doesn’t stop here! Return to the Building Equity course overview page to see the other units in this series.


There are two videos to watch in this section:

  1. Discover Fundraising Techniques in the Canadian Context reviews the applicability of different fundraising techniques in Canada.
  2. On Fundraising and the Canadian Legal Framework with Mark Blumberg, including the latest updates on the application of the Income Tax Act for charities and non-profits.


Having gone through the Change the Game Academy material and watched the videos providing the Canadian context, work through the exercises outlined in the workbook.

This workbook asks you to consider your fundraising team and reflect on the applicability of various fundraising techniques in the Canadian context.

Who should be included? How can responsibilities be distributed to make the most sense for your organization?