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Let’s Chat: RBM and Gender Equity

The Spur Change team invited small and medium sized organizations (SMOs), and other interested sector participants across Canada and abroad, to take part in a conversation series with SMO speakers in our first Let's Chat series. Selected SMO Speakers shared...

Spur Change 2023 SMO Report

Small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) have long played a critical role within Canada’s international cooperation landscape. The ability of SMOs to emerge and thrive in many ways is contingent upon the environment within which they are established. An environment with...

Spur Change 2022 SMO Report

In the last two years, Canadian small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) have had to significantly adapt to the changing context of the unfolding pandemic. While some organizations struggled to shift in this fast-paced changing reality, others thrived and exhibited impressive...

Spur Change 2021 SMO Report

2020 was an unprecedented year for the world and for the international cooperation sector. COVID-19 affected all operational parts of SMOs, but Spur Change commissioned a study to see how SMOs have adapted and shown resilience in the face of...

What is a Financial Statement?

Funders usually require organizations to submit a financial statement of the most recent fiscal year when applying for a grant. On October 1st, 2020 the Spur Change Program in collaboration with FIT hosted a webinar on how to prepare a...

Spur Change 2020 SMO Report

Assessing the capacity building needs and knowledge gaps of Canadian Small and Medium Organizations (SMOs), and appropriate learning methods Spur Change is thrilled to launch its first SMO report addressing questions about the capacity building and knowledge sharing needs of...

Spur Change: Introduction of the Program

This webinar took place on August 20th, 2019 and was presented by Sara Michel, former Spur change Global Citizenship Coordinator and Leah Ettarh, Executive Director – ACGC.

Youth Champions Program: Introduction

Introduction session to launch the Youth Champions Program (YCP) which will offer tailored subject matter, skills training, support, opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship to SMOs and youth, who will then collaborate to plan and implement 5 public engagement opportunities...

Let’s Chat Recording: Ray