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I’m a Global Citizen

This new Share&Learn session is dedicated to primary and secondary teachers interested in Global Citizenship Education (GCE) for the beginning of the school year 2023-2024. 🗺️ What: In this session, Marie-Catherine Thouin presents tools developed by Spur Change to use in the classroom,...

Teacher Share & Learn Series – On Advocacy by Teachers

About this session In collaboration with CoDevelopment Canada, Spur Change is pleased to offer a new session of the Share & Learn Series dedicated to primary and secondary teachers interested in Global Citizenship. In this session, Mercedes Martinez retold the...

Teacher Share & Learn Series – When Awareness Rhymes with Playfulness

About this session Would you like to use a real-life example to potentially develop a game to educate your students about various global issues? This session of the Share & Learn series is for you! Through participation in this workshop,...

Teacher Share & Learn Series – Harnessing Literature’s Potential

About this session In this session, panelists shared their experiences, challenges, and discoveries in teaching diverse works of literature that ignite the hearts, imaginations, and expressions of compassion in students. You ought to come away with a deeper understanding of...

Teacher Share & Learn Series – Gender Equity in the Classroom

About this session This session was co-facilitated by Amy Bosche, Education Program Coordinator with SCIC, and Jaclyn Roach, Teacher with Regina Public Schools. This session guided teachers in understanding what gender equity is, how it relates to issues in their...

Youth Champions Program 2022

The Youth Champions Program is a peer-to-peer learning exchange and collaboration space for Canadian and international youth, in a spirit of multi-generational collaboration with Canadian small and medium organizations (SMO). The program aims to increase their capacities, opportunities, and contribution...

Teacher Share & Learn Series – Fostering Empathy and Design Thinking with the SDGs

About this session Do you want to empower your students to see themselves as changemakers who can find solutions to problems in their lives and communities? Find the webinar below and discover how to use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to...

Global Citizenship Education in Online and Hybrid Classrooms

This pedagogical guide for educators is organized around three parts. The first part covers the definitions, approaches and foundations of global citizenship education. The second part discusses education as a lever for sustainable development and ecological justice. The last part...

Youth Champions Program: Introduction

Introduction session to launch the Youth Champions Program (YCP) which will offer tailored subject matter, skills training, support, opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship to SMOs and youth, who will then collaborate to plan and implement 5 public engagement opportunities...

I’m a Global Citizen Presentation Video