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Global Citizenship Education in Online and Hybrid Classrooms

This pedagogical guide for educators is organized around three parts. The first part covers the definitions, approaches and foundations of global citizenship education. The second part discusses education as a lever for sustainable development and ecological justice. The last part...

Youth Champions Program: Introduction

Introduction session to launch the Youth Champions Program (YCP) which will offer tailored subject matter, skills training, support, opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship to SMOs and youth, who will then collaborate to plan and implement 5 public engagement opportunities...

The Future of Global Citizenship Education Post-Covid

This webinar for educators opened a conversation around how different Global Citizenship Education models respond to today’s challenges during the COVID pandemic. It explored best practices, innovations and shortcomings drawing from Canadian and international experiences.


Shared Vision – Public Engagement Activities

In collaboration with Recrear International, this template was created for the 2020 Youth Champion Program in order to help the planning of public engagement and global citizenship education activities in partnership between SMOs and youth.


Youth Champions Program Introduction Video

Once a year, Spur Change will recruit over 16 Canadian and international Youth to participate in the program. The Youth Champion Program launched its first recruitment process on January 2020. This video explains the objectives and activities of the Youth Champion Program.